Shamrock Environmental Corporation FluidCap


Shamrock Environmental Corporation (Shamrock) was founded as a grassroots industrial services and wastewater treatment company. Today, co-owners Gail Buchanan and Greg Kiser have grown Shamrock into a full-service environmental service companies covering the southeastern and Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Shamrock, headquartered in Browns Summit, NC, has five office locations, approximately 150 full-time employees and has performed projects in 38 states.

Since its founding in July 1994 by the Buchanan and McGroarty families, Shamrock has remained committed to performing all core services, and has invested significant financial and intellectual capital in facilities, equipment, safety programs, training, regulatory compliance, new technology and the dedicated, talented employees of Shamrock. The Shamrock way has rewarded the company with a loyal customer base across many industries, an excellent reputation in the marketplace, geographic expansion opportunities and stability.

While capital investment in facilities, equipment, regulatory compliance and new technology is a sign of long term commitment and reliable performance, the most compelling difference between Shamrock and all other environmental service providers is the expertise, dedication, talent and safety practices of the Shamrock employees. Our people are our strength.