Shamrock Environmental FluidCap technology recycles most water from natural gas closed-loop drilling operations and dramatically reduces operators’ water, solidification, transportation and disposal costs while dramatically reducing their operational footprint.

A Turnkey, Field-Ready Drilling Fluid Management Solution

FluidCap multistage waste processing utilizes mechanical filtering and chemical treatment to recycle 75-98% of drill rig water, resulting in the lowest volume of solid waste and the highest degree of water clarity. The system is trailer-mobile, quickly deployed, and ready for simultaneous use on multiple drill rigs. FluidCap’s proprietary chemistry is adaptable to varying compositions of drilling fluid, to deliver consistent results. You’ll see a clear, quantifiable difference between FluidCap and centrifuge treatments – in reliability and results.

FluidCap Delivers Immediate Benefits

Drilling operators see immediate, quantifiable benefits that alternative drilling fluid treatment methods don’t offer:

Significant Cost Savings
Field tests of FluidCap demonstrate cost savings of $175,000 per well, by

  • reducing imported water requirements by 75%, and recycling water to return to use
  • cutting solid waste volume by more than 65%, leading to savings in landfill fees
  • eliminating solidification media and crews
  • eliminating mix tank cleaning

Simplified Waste Management
FluidCap provides operators with a single vendor for waste management, and eliminates the need to coordinate processing, transportation, permitting and disposal among multiple vendors. And, utilizing Shamrock Environmental for drilling waste management can eliminate economic risks associated with variable waste management and incident costs.

Regulatory/Government Appeal
In uncertain regulatory environments, FluidCap delivers clear advantages:

  • Protects water resources
  • Eliminates earthen ponds
  • Reduces demands on local infrastructure
  • Mitigates risk associated with transportation and offsite incidents