Shamrock Environmental Solutions works with Non-Hazardous waste disposal companies, oil recyclers, landfill operators, Waste-to-energy companies, Environmental engineers & consultants and Brokers to address the full spectrum of an organization’s needs. 

We are a one-stop shop for waste transportation, treatment, and disposal.

  • Wastewater treatment & disposal
  • Disposal of Non-hazardous bulk liquids, solids and sludges
  • Drum, tote and container disposal
  • Hazardous & Non-hazardous transportation services
  • Vacuum Truck services
  • Line jetting
  • Tank and Vessel cleaning
  • Hydro-excavation
  • Plant decontamination
  • Basins, pits, sumps, ponds and lagoon cleaning
  • Lab packs
  • Assured destruction of damaged or expired products
  • Soil Bioremediation
  • Waste to energy
  • Emergency response
  • TPH Soil Treatment